Song 2

Smart Playlists
Thinking of odd playlists, I came up with the idea of a list consisting of:
Match all of the following conditions:
Track Number - is - 2
My Rating - is greater than - 2
Just a bunch of songs with nothing in common but the fact that they're the second song on the album. A baby bit of true randomness for you. [I only picked the number 2 in honor of Blur's brilliant "Song 2"]. Oh yeah, and the rating is just cause songs I don't really like, but are there for the continuity of a whole album are rated 2 stars.

by cursif on Jan 11 | 1:47 pm


aint nobody gonna comment?

by cursif on Jan 15 | 5:48 am

I really like this idea. I always liked the ability to make smart playlists that group songs that otherwise have nothing to do with one another, and next to pure randomness this is pretty much the ultimate.

Another one I like to do is to make a playlist called "To The Minute" consisting of songs that are all an exact number of minutes long--you know,

Match Any
Time is 2:00
Time is 3:00
Time is 4:00

and so on. (I have another one called "Halftime" that's 2:30, 3:30, 4:30 and so on.) Completely pointless, and fun because you don't know what you're going to get.

by pyramus on Jan 15 | 11:35 am

i never thought about the time thing! this is really freeing my mind! thanks!

by cursif on Jan 15 | 12:18 pm

we touched on time with the musical timer tip

by dfbills on Jan 16 | 12:45 am

nice idea .. in a somewhat facetious way I'm responding to say as soon as I listen to 2100+ songs I haven't heard in my library, I'll start looking for ways to hear surprising songs. this is one i'll keep for reference, along with the time tip and the mind-opening approach. thanks.

by mdtoipod on Jan 16 | 4:56 am

I like that idea! Funnily enough I have a "Thirteen" playlist which consists of tracks fitting any of the following criteria;
Track # = 13
Song name contains "13" or "Thirteen"
Artist name contains "13" or "Thirteen"

by Air Adam on Jan 17 | 6:41 am

I also like the idea. My collection of songs is not very big yet (only about 600), so I'm now beginning to use Smartlist to listen to my collection in different ways, instead of the traditional one album at a time.

by Bakari on Mar 10 | 1:09 pm

Yeh i also use the 13 playlist, i thought that was one of my unique ones!....i call it 'Unlucky for Some' though...laim1010

by liam™ on Apr 10 | 6:17 pm

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