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I'm using the new Grouping tag to create a clean holiday music smart playlist. I've added my sub categories of Christmas music to the grouping tag (comedy, jazz, rap, classic, country, etc.)

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Genre is Christmas
Grouping does not contain Comedy
Grouping does not contain Rap

by dfbills on Dec 20 | 3:04 pm


Hey David -- What is the grouping tag actually intended for? Larger, broader categories?

by StoneMtn on Dec 24 | 12:56 pm

Never mind -- I see it in the next hint!

Happy Holidays!


by StoneMtn on Dec 24 | 12:57 pm


by dfbills on Dec 30 | 9:22 pm

I too was at a loss as what to do with this new category, but I have found a use for it that might provide a helpful example for others. I have a boxed set by the Police ("Message in a Box") which contains all of their studio recordings, along with live material, B-sides, etc. Before groupings came along I would add the original album title to the group of songs that corresponded to that album; i.e. all the songs on Ghost in the Machine would have "Ghost in the Machine" in the comments field. This way I could use a smart playlist to actually hear a particular album in its entirety, thus perserving that album as a work unto itself. The grouping category has resolved the need to use the comment field for this; I just moved the album title to the "grouping' category.

Another way I am using this is with Beatles songs. Prior to grouping, I would note the composer (i.e. John, Paul, George) in the comment field, which would let me make smart playlists for when I just wanted to hear Lennon material, for example. As in the previous example, I have now move this from the comment field to grouping. I am beginning to see that this is a very useful category with many possibilities that can be tailored to each individuals' need.


by ToothpasteBoy on Jan 02 | 1:21 pm

It occurs to me that someone may read my prior post and ask "why don't you just add the composer's name to the 'composer' field?" I should point out that in the case of the Beatles, the songs have always been infamously credited to "Lennon/McCartney." Grouping allows me to preserve this broader credit and make a more specific note of who acually wrote all or most of the song.

by ToothpasteBoy on Jan 02 | 1:28 pm

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