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I recently added a lot of new songs.. over 2000 songs from about 120 albums. The problem is that listen to and rate all those songs - while keeping one's sanity - becomes an almost impossible task. I found a trick that really helped me out along the way.

My 'Artist of the day' list contains usually one artist or one of their albums (If they have a lot of songs) and that’s it. I don't even know if I should call this a smart play list because it is so basic :)

Artist is Who_Ever


Album is What_Ever

I manually change the artist/album about once a day or put 2 artists/albums if I find out I am running out of songs a lot. This step could be avoided but the results aren’t as nice (suggestions welcomed). By changing the play list to:

My Rating – is - • • • • •   (no stars)

Limit to 80 minutes selected by Album

The Downside is

1) You always will get more that one album/artist
2) Can’t select what album or artist you’ll listen too (it does it alphabetically)
3) You have to rank a song for it to get off the list (though you could make it Play count based)

Which ever way you choose, this helps take small chunks out of those new songs without you becoming overwhelmed. I’m sure this has other applications but it has made listening to and rating a more enjoyable task for me :)

by noname on Dec 13 | 9:00 am


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