Exclude 'bind' tracks in random playlists

Smart Playlists
When you make a playlist that will randomize tracks from different cd's, you may want to exclude some tracks that act as an binding between 2 tracks on a cd. This works fine if you listen to the complete cd in the right sequence, but if you make a random playlist you might want to exclude those.

I do this by setting the following tag in the comments and exclude on that: [NFRP] Not For Random Playlist (yeah I know, what's in a name).

Examples of such a short binding tracks are:

Welcome - Americana - The Offspring
Rooftop Animals - The May Street Project - Shea Seger
Interlude - Absolution - Muse
0.34 - White On Blonde - Texas

by Merg on Dec 05 | 1:52 pm


This is a fabulous idea. Bind tracks are great, but only make sense in context.

I've just made a couple of randomising playlists and immediately ran into this situation. Using this solution weeded them out.

I've also thought about introducing another keyword for mixed tracks that blend from one to another. They sound weird when randomised.

by japester on Dec 07 | 6:32 am

Another way I have achieved this is to require that the song to be longer than 50 seconds or so. I actually use 1:00, as most of the interlude type songs I have are 1:00 or less.

Using this method I do not have to change any tags, and it catches about 99% of the songs.

by joe smough on Feb 19 | 5:29 pm

That's a darn good idea!

Side note: even played randomly from a collection that has They Might Be Giant's "Fingertips?"

Causes some strange reactions.

But then, I do like hearing "Nee!" every once in a while.......

by bombcar on Jun 14 | 9:15 pm

I like the odd little blippets. In fact, I have hundreds of short tv and movie quotes in my library. They make great segways.

by dfbills on Jun 15 | 8:55 pm

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