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Smart Playlists
Being a perfectionist, I like to rate all my songs. I usually do this diligently while using my iPod, but sometimes I forget or can't reach it (eg. while standing on the bus). I've come up with this Smart Playlist to tell me what songs still need to be rated:

Play count -> is greater than -> 1 AND
My Rating -> is -> [empty]

One simply rates all the songs in iTunes (or even on the iPod if you've got the patience to skip through all the songs) until the playlist is empty.

A while ago, due to a hard drive failure, I lost all my ratings and play counts. I started manually managing my iPod and racked up a few play counts. When I got the computer up and running again, it meant that most of my songs now had a play count greater than 1 but were not rated, meaning that the above playlist listed way too many to face in one hit. To combat this, I've added the following criteria:

Date Last Played -> is in the last -> 1 -> month.

This gives me a month's worth. The songs played earlier than a month eventually show up as I relisten to them.

by japester on Dec 09 | 9:26 am


If you're like me, you want to take full advantage of song ratings but literally have thousands of tracks that just need to be rated. So I created a playlist that I listen to on random when I have some free time and want to rate tracks:

My rating is less than one star

(i also excluded griffin technology as an aritist becuase of my itrip)

even though its simple, its the best way to rate your songs!

by Jdog on Dec 12 | 9:24 am

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