Songs about her

Smart Playlists
To easily make a collection of love songs, use these rules:


Match ANY of the following conditions:

Song name - contains - baby
Song name - contains - girl
Song name - contains - woman
Song name - contains - women
Song name - contains - kiss
Song name - contains - love


Etc, etc... Use your imagination and change the sex to your preference.

Unfortunately you can't mix "My rating" with this, because the condition is ANY...

by dogma00 on Nov 27 | 10:06 am


Much better than Apple's uninspired "Love Songs" smart playlist. :p

by dfbills on Dec 02 | 12:09 am

Hmm.... tried that and got "Monty Python - Henry Kissinger Song"

Maybe I'll refine it a bit....

To mix "My Rating," create a second playlist with "All" which consists of

A. Playlist "Love"
B. My Rating = *** or something like that.....

by bombcar on Jun 14 | 9:18 pm

You can get "kiss" by putting a "space" after the word "kiss" This will eliminate Kissinger, etc. It will of course eliminate "kissing" or "kisses" but you can build those in specifically. If you know you have "Kissinger" for example then put a space after "kissing" like so "kissing "

by Crimson on Aug 08 | 3:48 pm

songs with hot

by stanimal71 on Aug 27 | 1:05 am

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