How to Create a Smart Playlist

iTunes Tips
To create a smart playlist:

Choose “New Smart Playlist” from the File Menu.

- or -

Hold the option key and click the new playlist button (which looks like a gear) in the bottom left-hand corner.

Then, choose the criteria for iTunes to build your smart playlist.

Let your imagination soar.. If your imagination is lacking or you just need some inspiration, peruse the site- that's what it is all about.

In Apple-speak: (from the embedded iTunes & Music Store Help)

You can choose to have a playlist automatically created from specific songs in your library using Smart Playlists. You can create a Smart Playlist that includes only certain types of music, songs with high ratings, or songs that match other criteria. For example, you could create a playlist that's no more than 5 gigabytes (GB) in size, and includes only your highest rated jazz songs.

To have iTunes add songs that match specific criteria, make sure "Match the following condition" is checked, then make your selections from the pop-up menus.

For example, you might want iTunes to only add songs that are by a particular artist, or songs with at least a four-star rating.

To add additional matching criteria, click the Add (+) button.

To make the playlist a specific duration or size, select "Limit to" and make your selections from the pop-up menus.

To include only songs that have a checkmark beside them in your library (and that match your conditions), select "Match only checked songs."

To have iTunes continually modify your Smart Playlist as songs are added to or removed from your library, make sure "Live updating" is selected.

To create your Smart Playlist, click OK, then name the playlist in the Source list.

Any songs in your library that match the settings you chose are added to the playlist. A Smart Playlist icon has a gear symbol on it.

by dfbills on Aug 08 | 11:00 pm


I am a newbie to your site, and have already found loads of good info.

I have just created my first smart playlist (top rated).

Is there any way to randomize the songs on the playlist, so I do not have to listen to them in same order every time?

by mysteron on Dec 21 | 5:15 am

I'd suggest adding a parameter like "not played in the last day or week."

by dfbills on Dec 21 | 8:27 am

How do I do that?

by mysteron on Dec 21 | 9:56 am

Just found out that not possible to do a random playlist. Thank's anyhow.

by mysteron on Dec 27 | 1:57 pm

How do i create this smart list so i can burn cds

by Killakam on Feb 01 | 9:47 pm

ok, so i accidently deleted my recently added playlist. Is there any way to get it back?

by coreofglee on Oct 13 | 11:49 am
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