iPod doesn't match iTunes smart playlist?

I created a smart playlist titled "Recently Added":

Date added - is in the last - 31 days
Limit to - 50 songs 

This way, I can quickly listen to brand new songs I just bought and/or downloaded. The playlist is perfect in iTunes.

On the iPod however, in addition to songs just added, I also get songs which I have not recently added, but just made a change to- such as designating a different playlist for the song.

Anyone know why this is happening and how I can make it stop?

by Max on Nov 21, 03 | 11:39 pm


Why? Because any time a file is modified in iTunes, a "new" copy is synced to the iPod, and the iPod considers the song to be "new".

How to make it stop? I don't know.

by thenightfly42 on Nov 24, 03 | 3:13 pm

Thanks nightfly42, at least I know what's causing it. 50% of a solution is knowing what the problem is. Maybe I'll send a note to Apple.

by Max on Nov 25, 03 | 9:28 am

I had this problem and my solution was to mark the month the files (in the comment) as to what batch they came from. For instance, you could mark all the files you downloaded in November by the month.

by BlackStrain on Nov 28, 03 | 2:36 am

Good suggestion Bstrain, Thanks.

by Max on Nov 28, 03 | 11:00 am

This used to happen to me as well, but it doesn't anymore. I recently changed tags and added art to about 1000 old songs and only the songs actually imported in the last month showed up in the playlist.

I'm using iPod version 2.1 and Panther 10.3.1. I think Apple must have changed this. It sure makes life easier.

by japester on Dec 04, 03 | 10:27 pm

Okay, I have to take back what I said earlier. It did behave the way I said it did but something's changed and it's showing up everything changed as well as imported again. Back to the drawing board.

by japester on Dec 06, 03 | 7:50 am

I'm returning to update as well...

It seems that for me (current iTunes, OSX 10.2.6), if I change the comments field AND a regular field simultaneously, it STILL DOESN'T change the Date Modified field. I have to go back and make another change to the presently hilighted field to get it to 'catch'.

There's gotta be something obvious that we're missing here.

by thenightfly42 on Dec 08, 03 | 2:22 pm

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