Randomize certain things?

I want to find a way to set up the iPod so that any way I listen to it, whether choosing by artist, genre, etc., is randomized--except albums. I like to listen to albums with the correct song order.

Can anyone come up with a way to do this?

by Dolt on Nov 20, 03 | 10:39 pm


That is easy to do. Go to settings set Shuffle to Album.

by kamal on Nov 21, 03 | 4:47 am

Well, that means that whenever you listen to a playlist on randomized, it will find an act and then play their entire album. When I listen to stuff randomized, I just want to hear one song; when I choose "album," I want to be able to listen to it in order without having to go to the settings and changing them. I guess I wasn't very clear before-sorry.

by Dolt on Nov 21, 03 | 9:42 am

I'd love a way to do this too. Even a shortcut to toggle shuffle on the fly would be better than having to climb up and out and into the preferences every time I wanna change my shuffle mode.

by Beau. on Nov 21, 03 | 1:01 pm

Why don't you put shuffle on the main menu of your iPod? I'm actually not sure if this is possible, but if it is, it's only for iPods running iPod Firmware 2.x. Then, you could just hit menu once from the Now Playing screen, see the main menu, and toggle shuffle. This is the best answer I could come up with...if it works.

by fastthumbs on Nov 23, 03 | 11:02 am

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