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I created a smart list with about 30 "Song Name contains [body part]" parameters.

What's interesting is that it pulls up songs that contain 'hear' if you enter 'ear', 'harm' for 'arm', etc. 'back', 'heart', 'head', and 'behind' are good too.

My Body Parts list has over 200 songs in it. I'll play it on shuffle and try to guess what the body part is. Sometimes its easy but often its not. Any music without vocals for clues can be tough.

And this will obviously work with words other than body parts. I started Body Parts after noticing I had a large number of 'head' songs...

by Mike M on Nov 17 | 4:12 pm


Thanks for the suggestion! I started one of these last night, but quickly filled my entire screen with keywords. I had thought that the dialog box would sprout a scrollbar when it got too big, but it never did. It just kept extending down to where I couldn't click on buttons anymore. Waaaah!

I went back deleted some redundant ones (when I realized that 'ear' will also capture every occurrence of 'heart') but how do you add more keywords when the bottom of the box has overflowed past the bottom of your display?

by curtw on Nov 19 | 9:02 am

The way I did it was to crank the screen resolution all the way up. I got in as many as I could fit at 1600x1200!

Hopefully Apple adds a scroll bar for the next version...

by Mike M on Nov 19 | 9:17 am

I just figured it out. Duh! Go back to the first or second item in the list, and click on the "+" sign right there. This will create a new, blank input at the top, pushing your older stuff off the bottom. Hit 'Return' when all done. Voila!

You just can't *see* anything but the top 20 keywords.

by curtw on Nov 19 | 11:26 pm

You mean you were putting all the keywords into one field before?

by dfbills on Nov 19 | 11:34 pm

No, I was adding new ones by hitting the bottom-most "+" sign, which created a new bottom entry. I didn't realize that if you click on #5, you get a new field in line #6, NOT a new field at the bottom.

by curtw on Nov 20 | 8:07 am

Great idea!

Have you thought of making the keyword " ear "? This would find every occurence of "ear" as the leading and trailing spaces would exclude combined forms such as "hear".

by japester on Dec 05 | 1:05 am


by dfbills on Dec 05 | 1:10 am

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