burn a crossfade cd

Is there a way to burn a cd with crossfading exactly as-is when I play a smart playlist with this option set?

by RiK on Nov 12, 03 | 9:22 am


I don't think so. Since iTunes is calculating the crossfade, its going to be lost when the tracks are sent to the burner.

Try it though- cds are cheap enough to run a test.

by Mike M on Nov 12, 03 | 11:53 am

iTunes 4.1 and lower does not burn crossfades to cd. You'll need to use Toast with Jam or a dedicated audio program to accomplish this.

by dfbills on Nov 12, 03 | 12:14 pm

WireTap by Ambrosia Software (freeware, available on VersionTracker). Start WireTap recording your playlist playing with the crossfade. Stop when it's done.

Import the recording file into iTunes, make a playlist of it alone, and burn your disk as normal. You'll have one long track with all the songs.

Granted, it's a big investment in time, but the upside is, it's free.

by Connie on Nov 17, 03 | 7:49 pm

Connie: Nice trick!

by dfbills on Nov 17, 03 | 10:16 pm

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