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Here's how to create a list of movies to rent from the iTunes Store from karlfranz on MacOSXHints.

- Go to the Power Search feature of the iTunes store.
- Select movies from the first category dropdown list.
- Click the checkbox "Search movies that are available for Rental".
- Leave all other search fields blank.
- Click the Search button.

You will get a list of all movies that can be rented.

Now, for your list of movies to rent, just:

- Create a playlist within iTunes called Rental Wishlist or whatever.
- Select the movie you are interested in renting from the list view in the Search results above and drag it into the playlist.
- When you want to rent something, go to your wishlist playlist, select the item and click on the arrow next to its name. It will take you to the page on the iTune Store for that movie.

It's that easy.

by dfbills on Jan 16 | 2:11 pm


Here's something I hadn't seen before: Files have a "Skip Count" as well as the old Play Count.

by Danger Donkey on Jan 17 | 4:30 pm

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