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I have a "Top 3" smart playlist that has the 3 most played songs in my ipod. I was wondering how to create another smart playlist that storages everything that has been on the "Top 3" playlist.

by Daniel on Oct 16, 07 | 8:47 am


I really don't think this can be done (not using iTunes itself anyway).

The playlists are live updating, so once a song drops off your main Top 3 list there is no automatically way to include it elsewhere. I think this has to be manual, or using some vbscript or java to link into the iTunes API and build a new playlist for you.

by Gareth on Oct 18, 07 | 7:47 pm

Do you know any website that teaches how to build boosted playlists like these?

Thanks anyway,


by Daniel on Oct 18, 07 | 9:48 pm

I don't know of an itunes playlist tutorial. This site here is one of the best resources I've seen. Another good one is: http://forums.ilounge.com/forumdisplay.php?f=97

Oh, and to the OP:

Normally that'd be impossible, however your criteria of "most played" makes it possible. (it wouldn't work for most other criteria)

Make two playlists.

1. Playlist "Top 3" limited to 3 songs by most played.

2. Playlist "Below top 3" limited to XX songs by most played. Rule: playlist is not "Top 3"

Granted, it's not *exactly* what you're looking for, but basically, any song on the top 3 that gets bumped, will be in the top 10, so just make another playlist that shows the top 10 (or more) minus the top 3.

by limbodog on Oct 19, 07 | 4:45 pm

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