Play Count/Skip Count Ratio?

I've been wishing I could create a smart playlist that requires a minimum ratio of "play counts" to "skips counts." The advantage for me would be that this calculation would allow in both new music and old favorites. I'm on a PC and haven't figured out how to do any scripting yet. I read a recent post on building smartplaylists off other smartplaylists, but still don't see how that could make my list focus on *ratios* as opposed to absolute play counts and skip counts.

by Garth on Oct 01, 07 | 5:07 pm


I can come up with notions for using a sequence of playlists to batch play counts, and another sequence of playlists to batch skip counts, and then even more playlists to force the issue of ratios, but it would get cumbersome fast.

I've thought about this issue, too, with no real success. I am currently using a 'kill' list of the top 20 skipped tracked to keep them out of my daily cycle. Often I skip through songs I love just because I hear them too often, so this helps force more churn in the lists.

by RB3 on Oct 02, 07 | 4:30 pm

Yeah, I'd like something similar to that myself. I don't see how tho'.

What I've settled for is the idea that once something is **** or ***** I'm not going to be removing it from a playlist any time soon.

*** songs, however, get bumped for a week if I skip 'em.

And I figure I'll make a smart playlist to keep at home that shows the highest skip counts. If I find I'm skipping a song frequently, I'll probably take a star away (and then reset the skip count to zero)

It is a bit more maintenance, but it's the best I can think of.

by limbodog on Oct 03, 07 | 10:42 am

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