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A feature that iTunes is sorely lacking (in my opinion) is one which lets you see what songs you've already put into a playlist somewhere. (or perhaps more importantly, which ones you haven't)

I'll be listening to my iPod and wonder why I never hear "The World is Mine" until I get home and search all my playlists and realize that I overlooked it when creating them.

But searching through 40 playlists to see which one it's on (or isn't on) is tedious.

My suggestion, if you have this problem, is to make a new smart playlist to see which songs got left behind.

I named mine "Clearing the baffles" (I know, I'm a geek)

The set up is this:

Must follow ALL rules
~Playlist is not "House Mix"
~Playlist is not "Supercheesy 90s"
~(repeat until you've covered all the playlists you load onto your iPod)
~Playlist is not "DO NOT LOAD"
~Rating is not one star

~Limit to 100 songs by most played
~Live updating

This shows me every song, starting with the ones I've listened to most, that are not going to be loaded onto my iPod. I can check 'em out and see if they belong on one of my source playlists (which a smart playlists draws from when live updating). If I know I don't want them loaded onto the ipod, I put 'em into the "DO NOT LOAD" playlist. Or if I know I don't really like 'em, I rate 'em one star.

It still takes time to go through everything, but when I realized how many good songs weren't in circulation, it was worth it.

by limbodog on Oct 01 | 1:32 pm


I do something similar. I keep a lot of smart playlists in a folder. As you know, a folder acts as a playlist that contains everything in the playlists it holds.

I then have another SP with just one rule:

Playlist is not MyFolderName

That shows me every song that isn't on one of the playlists in that folder.

by Matthew Glover on Oct 02 | 10:37 pm

Note: if you're using source playlists to feed your smart playlists, you'll want the above example to reference the sources and not the smart playlists.

by limbodog on Oct 03 | 12:44 pm

This doesn't handle a query for all songs not in a playlist. But to find which playlists "The World is Now" appears in, all you needed to do was Right Click on the song and select "Show in Playlist" it will tell you which playlist (including smart lists) the song appears in. If the playlist you expect is not there? Then you put it in the appropriate list.

I know there doesn't smee to be a great way to handle this, but here's what I do. I create one Manual Source Playlist, e.g. MyIpod. Then I create all smart playlists based on this playlis, e.g. Playlist is MyIpod.

I then create a smart playlist, Playlist is NOT MyIpod. Which gives me the rest.

by HammRadio on Dec 05 | 8:55 am

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