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When I loaded my 300 or so CDs into my computer, I didn't go through and rate each and every song. Heck, even the ones I bought off iTunes I didn't immediately rate. Mainly because I didn't see a value in it until I started playing around with the smart playlists.

So here I am with all this music with zero stars, and I want to make smart playlists which take advantage of star ratings to be dynamic. What to do? Go home and spend hours at the computer rating my music? Nah.

I made an "Exposure" smart playlist:

Must follow ALL rules.

- Rating is zero stars
- type is not podcast*
- playlist is not "NOT LOADING" **

<- Limit to 10 songs ordered by least recently played

<- Live updating

This smart playlist will give me 10 songs that I've yet to rate. Since I do most of my music listening when not at home, it allows me to work on rating the remaining 5000 songs over time when it's convenient. And because the list is live updating, it will remove any songs I've rated and replace them with new un-rated songs as soon as I re-open the playlist. (unless my iPod runs out of unrated songs, which is not likely to soon happen)

* - I don't let my songs and my podcasts mix. Things like Tiesto's Club Life are hour long 'casts and would really eat up the space on my nano if a couple of 'em loaded into playlists.

** - I also created a normal playlist into which I put songs I know I don't ever want loaded onto my iPod. Things like the 21 tracks of empty space an artist will put at the end of the CD to space-out a hidden track. Or 10 second introduction songs. Or the excerpts from the movie on a soundtrack etc. Most of my smart playlists check the "NOT LOADED" playlist as a general rule.

by limbodog on Oct 01 | 1:10 pm


I do some similar things. Here's my Unrated New SP:

Match ALL
Rating is no stars
Date added is in the last two months
Kind does not contain video
Genre does not contain podcast
Genre does not contain Audiobook
Limit to 25 items selected by random

I also have an Unrated Everything that doesn't include a Date Added limiter, but lately I've been using the Album Rating to create something similar that more frequently delivers songs that are both unrated and really good, even though it doesn't do live updating.

by Matthew Glover on Oct 02 | 10:43 pm

I was unaware that the iPod itself was able to do live updating. Are u sure it can?

I even just checked it. One of my SP needs songs to be 3 stars or higher. I started playing it on my iPod and then reduced the stars of the song to none. The song remained. I turned the iPod off and on, and tried changing playlist and coming back, but the song was still there.

Thus, the iPod does not do its own Live updating. So you only get your 10 songs until you next sync your iPod.

by sERAPHIM86 on Oct 16 | 9:21 pm

The ipod will do live updating on the go if you have a song that will replace it. If no such song fits the criteria to replace it, the old one will remain.

For example. I have a playlist that has classical music on it. Many are unrated.

I also have the smart playlist that has only unrated songs. When I listen to it and rate them, they get replaced by some of the classical tunes which i've yet to rate.

by limbodog on Oct 17 | 2:02 pm

To get it to do live updating you have to do the following (I found).

Keep your playlist as above, but add another constraint...

Playlist is "main playlist" where main playlist is the playlist you use to update your iPod. Otherwise it can't update the playlist as it was created on iTunes from Library rather than content on the iPod itself.

To recap: I create an main Playlist called something like "For iPod". In this I have all the albums I want to synch to the device.

I now create a new smart playlist called which looks something like this...

Playlist is "For iPod"
Not Played in last 1 month
Rating is gt 3 stars

Now add the above SmartPlaylist to the iPod also.

Unlike iTunes tracks don't update whilst in the playlist and playing, however if you come out the playlist to the Main Menu and then play back into it again the tracks which no longer meet the criteria will be replaced as the source playlist ("For iPod") also sits on the device.

Happy synching...

by Gareth on Oct 18 | 7:43 pm

Hey, this is a great idea. I too ripped over 300 CDs and did not rate them. I have been sitting at the computer going through them since and rating them. With your suggested SPL and a little tweaking I can now rate my unrated songs while listening to the iPod anytime, anywhere.

Thanks limbodog

by rockinrod on Nov 02 | 8:56 pm

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