Smart playlists on iPhone

I have an iPhone, and I've noticed that my smart playlists do not update until I sync. For example, I have an "unrated" playlist, and songs that I rate on the iPhone do not disappear from this playlist after being assigned a rating on the iPhone. Is there a way to change this?

by eh270 on Oct 02, 07 | 9:37 am


Please post the full list of rules for your playlist that's not working properly. We may still not be able to help, but without that detail, there's not much hope.

by Matthew Glover on Oct 02, 07 | 10:34 pm

It will only remove them if it has something else on the phone to replace 'em with.

So, for example, if you had another playlist "Rock" that had a whole bunch of unrated tunes, then when you went through "unrated" once, it'd populate with those unrated songs on "rock."

smart playlists don't shrink in size while you're away from your computer.

by limbodog on Oct 03, 07 | 10:49 am

I have the same problem on my 5G iPod. If i change a rating from 5 stars to none, it won't disappear from the SP that only has 4 and 5 star songs. I know there are plenty of other songs to replace it, as the SP is limited to 20 tracks, and it works in iTunes, just not on the iPod itself.

by sERAPHIM86 on Oct 16, 07 | 9:36 pm

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