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I was finding it difficult to get through the Artists list on my iPod, as there were a ton of artists for whom I only have one or two songs. I wanted a way to get all the one-off artists out of the list so I could easily find artists with full albums. Here are my two options; each requires slogging through your library and picking out the one-off singles, but it's made scrolling through infinitely more easy.

Here are my two options:

1) Mark each single as "Part of a compilation." Then turn the "Compilations" setting on your iPod on. Now these songs won't appear in the Artists list. The downside is now your actual compilations will now be lost in a sea of singles. (Side note: You can also put a note in the comments field [I use "no_comp" and add it with Doug Adams' Append to Comments AppleScript] for each just to tag it as a single for SPLs.)

2) Change the Sort Artist for each single to "ZZZZZZ." This will move them to the bottom of the Artists list on the iPod. They won't be completely out of the way, but it at least they're all lumped together. (Note: I switch using my iPod between a Mac and PC, which often messes up alphabetizing, so you may have to use "999999" to place the artists at the bottom of the list.)

by Dave W. on Oct 09 | 11:38 pm


I just did this a few days ago.
Put iTunes into the album view, and then drag each album that seems 'complete' (ie a whole proper album) into a dumb playlist. It takes a little while, but its a lot quicker this way (as long as u do it in album view).

Then, create a smart playlist with containing everything that is not a podcast or in the 'Album' playlist.

by sERAPHIM86 on Oct 23 | 9:47 am

This may not work for everyone who is already using the ratings system, but since I was not, I decided to tag all the songs that were not part of a complete album (mostly one or two songs by an artist) with one star. This went really quickly, and the best part now is that I can sort my albums by "complete albums" if they don't have one star.

by al nyden on Nov 10 | 7:02 pm

I don't understand, I do have a lot of CD's ripped onto my iTunes with different artists on them but how do I make iTunes know that they are 'compilation' CD's? And if I chose to find the music on my iPod through the Artist sorter, what name would I look for?

by tokyochlo on Dec 08 | 11:46 pm

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