Refresh Smart Playlist

I have created a smart playlist that randomly selects 100 songs from my itunes library. It seems as though the computer selected 100 random songs to begin with but now it is the same 100 songs in that playlist forever...

Is there any way to have iTunes randomly select 100 songs on-the-fly every time I open up that playlist?



by Brian on Jul 29, 07 | 10:44 pm


The best way to do it would be to have it omit songs you've already played recently. Add a parameter like last played is not in the last week.

by dfbills on Jul 29, 07 | 11:21 pm

Yes, in the scenario you describe, you've asked it to pick 100 random songs. And it did so. It has no further instructions.

What I suggest you do is create a smarty playlist like so:

Match ALL of the following rules
- Rating is not [one star] (I put that in all my smartys)
- Last Played is not in the past "1 day" (or whatever amount of time makes you happy)

Limit to 100 songs by Random.

As you listen to 'em, they'll get bumped off the list and replaced by something you haven't yet listened to today.

Live Updating.

by limbodog on Sep 30, 07 | 8:43 am

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