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I am trying to make a playlist that will give me a random shuffle of songs. The problem I have with the iTunes party shuffle is that I get the same albums way too often. Is there any way to make a smart playlist give me one random song from each artist, or album?

by Nick114 on Jul 27, 07 | 2:40 pm


Hrm. Well, the more music you get, the less you'll hear from the same albums, but that's probably not overly helpful.

The only remedy I can think of is a pretty sloppy one.

It involves making about 15 to 20 playlists, evenly dividing your albums among them (one song from each album per playlist) and then making *another* bunch of smart playlists which each get the next song on your source playlists. And then one final smart playlist which consolidates the middle playlists into one location. I don't consider it much of a solution tho'.

Have you thought about making a smart playlist which just gives you 'least recently played' among your 4 and 5 star songs? If you made it refuse any song you'd skipped in the past week or so, then you could drop some out of circulation for a bit.

by limbodog on Oct 01, 07 | 1:54 pm

I'm an idiot.

Okay, after a conversation with a friend it was pointed out to me that the "Party Shuffle" is not a true randomizer. It makes certain assumptions (probably based on ratings and play counts or some such) and gives certain songs more weight than others.

So you *should* be able to create a true randomizer this way:

~Must follow ALL rules
~last played is not within past 5 days
~Limit to 100 songs by random
~Live updating

by limbodog on Oct 02, 07 | 12:57 pm

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