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Hi - I am trying to create a artist v artist playlist using only tracks with a rating of 4 or 4 stars. For example The Beatles v The Rolling Stones. When I set up a smartplaylist with the following:

- Match 'any' of the following
- Artist is The Beatles
- Artist is The Rolling Stones
- MyRating is greater than 4

The playlist naturally picks up on the myrating part and puts all tracks from the whole library with that rating in the playlist. But if I use:

- Match 'only' the following

The playlist comes up empty. I assume this is a conflict with the two artists being 'is'. I have tried using 'contains' but come up with the same problem.

Any help with this would be great.


by elusivd on Apr 24, 07 | 8:00 am


I believe you need two playlists for this.

What you really want is
(Artist is The Beatles Or
Artist is The Rolling Stones) And
MyRating is greater than 4

AFAIK, iTunes doesn't support this in a single playlist. Here's a workaround:

Create a playlist for the first two conditions, as in:

- Match Any of the following
- Artist is The Beatles
- Artist is The Rolling Stones

Next, create a second playlist to meet your requirement:

- Match All of the following
- Playlist is <the playlist you just created above>
- MyRating is greater than 4

There may be an easier way, but this should work (it did for me).

As an aside, if you want to include 4 or 5 starts, you'd need to set MyRating is greater than 3 in the second playlist. Good luck!

by Andy914 on Apr 24, 07 | 11:43 am

I think you can do this with just one playlist:

Match all of the following
Artist contains The Beatles
Artist contains The Rolling Stones
My Rating is greater than 3

by Matthew Glover on Apr 24, 07 | 2:55 pm

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