Multiple Genres?

I'm attemting to creat a playlist with more than one genre.
I have it set at:

Match all
Genre contains Country
Genre contains Bluegrass

but no songs appear when I hit OK.

When I have it set to only Country or only Bluegrass, all the songs for that one genre come up, but they won't all appear in one playlist.

I have no clue what I'm doing wrong. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

by Lisa on Mar 20, 07 | 5:38 am


You need to change the parameter Match "All" to "Any". The way you currently have it configured it is looking for both at the same time.

by dfbills on Mar 20, 07 | 8:11 am

I have the same problem trying to use multiple artists with a rating of 4 stars and above in one playlist. Have posted a question to find out.

by elusivd on Apr 20, 07 | 6:49 am

Yeah, the "Match All" will require any song that is going to be considered to be both Country *AND* Bluegrass.

dfbills is right about switching to "any". It will then select songs that fit either rule.

If you're then looking to create a mandatory rule (like "must be 4 stars or higher") then you'll need to create a new smart playlist with the rules:

must match ALL rules:
playlist is "country & bluegrass" (the one you just made)
Rating is greater than 3

That way you'll get both Country & bluegrass, thanks to the "Any" playlist. And you'll only get 4 stars and up thanks to the ALL playlist. Have the ALL playlist loaded onto your ipod.

by limbodog on Sep 30, 07 | 8:49 am

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