Artist rating?

I have an idea for rating artists, but I'm curious if anyone has any idea how to implement it.

I want to give artists a score by adding up all of the ratings I've given their songs. For example...

I have 112 Green Day tracks.

1 is 5 stars
4 are 4 stars
25 are 3 stars
27 are 2 stars
55 are unrated

This would give Green Day a score of 150.

Anyone have any idea how to write a script that would create this score for every artist in a library?

by Cards on Dec 27, 06 | 12:44 pm


Sounds like an interesting concept. I imagine that the auto-fill feature works something like this.

by dfbills on Dec 31, 06 | 10:33 pm

IF you use Mac, you could use the BTM field and AppleScript to do the math for you. Don't know

by Alex Timing on Jan 18, 07 | 3:08 am

Have you been to the website iTunes Registry? If not, take a look, learn about it. After that, learn how to use spreadsheets. I made a spreadsheet that can do every graph on that website. It took me two minutes to do what you asked about in a spreadsheet, and for every artist in my collection, not just one. (Just note that iTunes saves the ratings as 0, 20, 40, 60, 80, 100.)

What you'll want to do first is open iTunes, right click on Music, click on Export Song list..., and save it as a text file. You can copy and paste that text into a spreadsheet.

In the spreadsheet, make a data table with Artist in the Row field and My Rating in the Data Field. Choose Sum as the operation for the data field and sort it whichever way you want, e.g., alphabetically by artist, highest to lowest score.

I use Open Office. It works about the same way with Excel. Use whichever spreadsheet program you have access to. You'll want to learn about Data Pilot tables (I think they are called Pivot tables in Excel).

by soundinthedark on Jan 19, 07 | 8:32 pm

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