How to Create Different Play Ratios for 4 and 5 Star Songs

Smart Playlists
For a long time, I've been listening to music from various genre playlists that I've created.

For instance, I'd call a playlist Shoegaze Genres and do the following:

Match ANY of the following rules
Genre is Shoegaze
Genre is Dream Pop
Genre is Noise Rock
Genre is Noise Pop

I'd stick that playlist out of sight in a folder called Archive and create the playlist G Shoegazing. (For all my different genre lists, I stick a G at the beginning of the title so they stay by each other.)

Match ALL of the following rules
Playlist is Shoegaze Genres
My Rating is 5 Stars
Last Played is not in the last 1 Week

That worked fine until I wanted to add 4 star songs to the mix. I also knew I didn't want them to reappear in the list as often as the 5 star songs. Getting this right required 3 more smart playlists.

If you want to do this, first decide what ratio you want. For the 5/4 star songs, do you want a 2/1 or 3/1 ratio? 1/2 maybe? From there, figure out how many days or weeks that will come out to, and then make your lists like this. (I chose a 2.5/1 ratio.)

Match ALL of the following rules
My Rating is 5 stars
Last Played is not in the last 10 days

Match ALL of the following rules
My Rating is 4 stars
Last Played is not in the last 25 days

Match ANY of the following rules
Playlist is SP1
Playlist is SP2

I stuck those in the Archive folder, and then set up the G Shoegazing playlist like this:

Match ALL of the following rules
Playlist is Shoegaze Genres
Playlist is SP3

Now, I won't miss out on all the 4 star songs I have, but I will still be listening to the 5 star songs more often since they come back into the playlist sooner than the 4 star songs.

by soundinthedark on Dec 23 | 1:50 am


This isn't going to work, because you forgot to calculate in the ratio for the 4 star & 5 star songs.

To do this, you should give SP1 5 songs and SP2 2 songs and you will get your desired 2.5/1 ratio.

by Onweerwolf on Jan 17 | 5:04 am

I'm thinking in terms of individual songs, not the total number of 4 and 5 star songs. I want an individual 5 star song to play more often than an individual 4 star song would. To that end, this works perfectly.

There are plenty of examples on this site of doing what you have written about. Just click the limit to box, and pick whether you want to limit to number of songs, the time, or the size (MB or GB). Make one a 5 star list with more songs, make the other a 4 star list with less songs. And then nest them together in some fashion.

Both are fine methods, depending on your needs. Like I said, I'm thinking of hearing individual songs more often, not necessarily hearing the higher rated songs more often than the lower rated songs.

by soundinthedark on Jan 17 | 5:41 pm

I would limit the number of songs in SP3 and make it shuffle.

Great idea!

by gooober on Aug 06 | 2:44 am

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