Unrated Songs Playlist/Rating Problem


I have a basic smart playlist set up with all my unrated songs: My Rating is no stars. At the moment when I rate a song in this list it is immediately removed, even if it's currently playing.

As when a song is playing is the most likely time I will rate it; is there a way to let the song finish before it is removed from the smart playlist?

thanks in advance.


by ash rust on Dec 20, 06 | 7:13 am


Probably the simplest way to accomplish this is to copy the songs from the smart playlist to a normal playlist and rate them as you play.

Sounds a bit manually intensive, but it does indeed work.

If you want to get fancier you could create a third playlist which looks at the manual playlist and checks the date last played and generates a fresh list of songs you haven't listened to which also haven't been rated.

by dfbills on Dec 31, 06 | 10:35 pm

Here's another way to finish a song once you've changed a criterion that should exclude the song from a smart playlist immediately:

Make your playlist the target of Party Shuffle.

You can change the play count and hear the remainder of the song.

by Tom Strand on Jan 01, 07 | 2:24 am

I have a playlist like that too and it lets me finish the song before it removes it. I believe dfbills first idea is probably best and to really help you out try this tip: Changing Smartplaylist to regular playlist. It will probably save you a lot of time.

by Steph on Jan 03, 07 | 5:20 pm

This is one truly annoying thing of iTunes. I wish you could make smart playlists that have the same function as party shuffle whereas the currently playing song is not removed even if it doesn't fit the criteria of the smart playlist anymore.

by Onweerwolf on Jan 17, 07 | 5:10 am

Tom Strand is correct use Party Shuffle.

2nd Easiest: UNCHECK "Live Updating"

by Alex Timing on Jan 18, 07 | 2:52 am

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