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Smart Playlists
My attempt, which seems somewhat similar to some of your smart playlists involves an applescript which you can find here:


On last week's MacBreak Weekly, Alex Lindsey mentioned he wanted a way to make a new playlist in iTunes from a random selection of songs in other playlists. So say you have playlists called "Gold" - your favorite songs, "Indie" - independent artists, "Jazz", and "Blues". You want to make a new playlist with song from each of the 4 playlists mentioned above. Furthermore, you want to weight some playlists heavier than others so there are more song from that source playlist, for example "Indie" in the example above might contribute more songs that the other playlists. The script lets you decide how many items to add from each source playlist so you can weight them to your liking. This gives you a great mix of songs between your favorites and other great tunes you love but seldom listen to.

by Geoff on Dec 06 | 9:54 am


BE CAREFUL - great idea for generating playlists - but it deleted both source lists that I used to generate the new playlist. Clearly not good.

by sadamny on Jan 17 | 5:37 pm

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