Weighted SPL's

I use SPL's to 'put more weight on' certain songs, and 'less weight on' other songs, but I am staring to wonder if it really works...

An example:
SPL1 = 25 songs
SPL2 = 100 songs
SPL3 = pick from 1st or 2nd at random

By playing SPL3 you then hope to hear songs in SPL2 4x as much as SPL1. But since SPL3 is picking from either SPL1 or SPL2, it is a coin flip (50/50) each time it picks a song, which means I wont hear SPL2's songs 4x as much... Has anyone confirmed this?

To make this work correctly I could make a folder containing SPL1 and SPL2, and then SPL3 only plays songs in the folder.


by yamangold on Dec 04, 06 | 11:06 pm


What you should do is make two other SPL's.

SPL1A refers to SPL1 and has one song at random not played in the last one day.

SPL2A refers to SPL2 and has 16 songs at random not played in the last one day.

SPL3 should then refer to SPL1A & SPL2A, this will make iTunes play the songs in SPL2 4 times as much as the ones in SPL1

by Onweerwolf on Dec 06, 06 | 8:58 am

Edit: if you just want to have iTunes plat SPL2 4 tmes as much as SPL1 instead of the songs that are in it, change the number of songs in SPL2A from 16 to 4.

by Onweerwolf on Dec 06, 06 | 9:00 am

If SPL3 has 125 songs in it (25 from SPL1 and 100 from SPL2), then each song played in SPL has a 1/125 chance of being played. However, the SPL1 songs, as a group, have a 25/125, or 20% chance, while the SPL2 songs are 100/125, which is 80%.

I use a playlist like this all day, nearly every day, and it works like a charm, in my experience. The play counts in my library align well over time with the desired weightings, so I am inclined to think it works well.

A separate issue is to make sure your iPod has all of the subordinate playlists on it, along with the umbrella list, to make sure it auto-updates as you play your music. iTunes 7 makes this easy to troubleshoot, if you expand the triangle next to the iPod entry on the sidebar, as it will show an error triangle next to any playlist that is missing any sub-lists on the iPod.

by RB3 on Dec 12, 06 | 10:26 am

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