Database cinema problem?

Hi, all,

I'm new here and have a particularly strange problem which may or may not have been addressed somewhere but I'd love to get some feedback or directions to previous posts (I have done a number of searches to find related topics to no avail).

Here's the weird problem. We are currently working with a group of advanced digital video students at my university trying to explore Lev Manovich's concept of the "database cinema." What we are lacking is a playback system to really test our ideas. We tried to use iTunes smart playlists for this purpose, but we have hit a weird snag that hopefully there are some solutions or work-arounds that any of you could help us with.

We are using the meta-tagging system built into iTunes to tag our video clips and then we want to construct smart playlists to play them back in a particular way. The smart playlist seems to be the answer but it has a limitation that has been a big problem for us, and that's the fact that it doesn't go through the sub-playlists in a hierarchical fashion which is what we need to make this work. For example, we might have one playlist which plays all potential clips that could serve as the first third of a longer video. After it has played those clips, we need it to then go to a second playlist and play the middle section clips, and then finally a third for the end section etc. This is the simplest example I can provide for discussion, but the problem seems to be that the smart playlist uses all the sub-playlists to generate the clips meaning that it's drawing on all three groups of clips rather than playing them in a particular set of grouped clips in the desired order. I have recently downloaded a utility called Playlist Blender and tried a variety of other Shareware etc. approaches, but nothing seems to be addressing these hierarchical needs properly.

Are we missing something very basic, or is this part of the functionality limitations of the smart playlist and if not, any advice on solutions or workarounds would be extremely helpful.

Apologies if this is a completely stupid question. But even stupid answers could set us in the right direction. Many thanks...

by Mueet on Nov 15, 06 | 3:08 am


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