What if?

Smart Playlists
One day I was wondering, what if? So I said, yeah! What if?! So I made this fun little playlist to get all my songs that had if in the title. No reason, just a fun little collection of songs.

Match the following criteria:

Song Name - Contains - if

Live Updating

Make sure you put a space after it otherwise you'll get songs with "life" and the like as well.

by StuDog on Oct 21 | 10:17 am


Keywords are a great way to build interesting lists. Apple suggests "Love" for a love song list.

by dfbills on Oct 21 | 3:15 pm

I have dozens and dozens of these playlists; they're interesting because they mix up songs in well-defined yet unpredictable ways. I use keywords ("all", "night", heart", "life"), pairs of keywords (light/dark, this/that, angel/devil, give/take, girl/boy), groups of things (mother/father/sister/brother, sun/moon/star), and geeky stuff like prepositions (in/out/up/down), pronouns (I/me/we/you) and other parts of speech (who/what/when/where/why).

by pyramus on Nov 30 | 11:20 am

what is Live updating?

by ratch333 on Jan 02 | 11:46 pm

Live updating means that the playlist will update in real time instead of just when you setup the list for the first time or delete the contents of the list.

(it's an option in the smart playlist dialog)

by dfbills on Jan 03 | 9:00 pm

So its generally best to use smart playlist w/live update versus a regular playlist?

by ratch333 on Jan 04 | 10:42 am

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