Resume Play in Order?

I have a regular playlist of 115 tracks in order of their release date(this is also hard-coded in name, each is prepended with a number). They are 30 mins or more in length and all have remembered playback position. I would like to listen to them in order remembering where in the list of tracks I left off, like resuming a multi-track audio book.

So I would like my smart playlist to have as track one, the track I left off at or the next up if i had ended at the end of a track, followed by any remaining tracks in the list.

Or Looping would be good too, ie. I've listened to tracks 1-6; my smart playlist should then display tracks 7-End followed by 1-6 and when i've finished 7 it goes to the bottom of the stack pushes up track 8 to top etc.

by zenigmatic on Dec 06, 06 | 7:22 pm


You might think of using Doug Adam's excellent Join Together and Chapterize. This would allow you to join some or all of them as literally one track which would give you the functionality you are looking for

by Geoff on Dec 11, 06 | 10:50 am

Thanks for the response. They are large as it is, and I would probably run into some quality issues if I joined them, is this still an issue? i remember some audiobooks that were too long with "pops." Anyyway this playlist is about 4G :)
I have hit upon a solution though, I assigned them all relative track numbers, eg 1 of 120, 2 of 120, etc. I have a large playlist that keeps them all in order that feeds a smaller one which just contains the upcoming dozen or so, including the one I'm in the middle of listening, its based on playcount, so as long as I don't skip or listen to one episode completely out of order it's been working.

by zenigmatic on Dec 11, 06 | 11:07 am

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