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This may have been contributed before, but just in case it has not...

I wanted to organize a top 40-100 of each year into playlists. I did, but I was disappointed that I could not make the songs play in order without using the track# and ruining my otherwise perfect tags.

Here is what I finally figured out...

I tagged my comments section with "year-#". For example, the #40 song of 1970 would have 1970-40 in the comments section. In order for this to work, this has to be added at the very beginning of the comments section. Then, I set a smart playlist to have all songs containing 1970 in the comments section.

In the playlist, I clicked on the comments tab, which will organize the songs according to the year, then the number. I clicked again to make the highest number first (so my countdown would start at #100 and end with #1).

And shazaaam-top 100 countdown of any year!

by Robin on Oct 19 | 7:19 pm


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