Smart playlist not changing?

I'm trying to get a smart playlist that takes a random 1780MB of my 5 star songs. The problem is that this playlist doesn't update. I have more than 1780MB of 5 star music, and every time I plug in my ipod I want the the songs on it to change, but I want them all to be 5 star ones. As it is know I have a playlist that is made up of 1780MB of 5 star songs, but it never changes.

Can someone help me with this?

by Royle on Nov 20, 06 | 12:47 pm


This disappointed me at first, when I was trying to set up something very similar to sync my iPod with new stuff every time. But it looks like iTunes only randomly adds music to a smart playlist when it is forced to remove something else.

My solution to this is to add a few conditions to the smart playlist: Last Played is not in the last X days, and possibly also Last Skipped is not in the last X days (for me I chose X = 3). Then, at least you replace all the songs on your iPod that you just listened to with new, random ones.

I'd be curious if there are other/better ways to do this.

by divestoclimb on Nov 28, 06 | 11:53 am

If you only want it to change occasionally, you could do a select all on the track titles and then hit delete (clearing the playlist). Then it will automatically re-populate.

by dfbills on Nov 28, 06 | 12:39 pm

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