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If you put all of your playlists in a folder, at least all of them except the playlist to catch those songs not in a playlist, then it would be a simple matter of matching songs that aren't in that folder.

For example:

Playlists Folder

"Not in a playlist" playlist
criteria is not in playlist "Playlists Folder".

Clear as mud?


by Scott J on Oct 19 | 8:00 am


Yeah, it'd be clearer if you would specify just what folder you mean when you say "that folder".

by Steven on Oct 19 | 2:24 pm

Sorry, let me try again.

Put all of your playlists in a folder named "All Playlists".

Then create a smart playlist named "Not In A Playlist" whose only criteria was 'playlist is not "All Playlists".

Then all songs in the "Not In A Playlist" playlist are songs that aren't in any of your other playlists.

Hope this helps.


by Scott J on Oct 19 | 3:20 pm

What is a "folder"?

by Mark Johnson on Oct 29 | 9:51 pm

Hi Mark,

At some point in the not too distant past, iTunes added the ability to create folders for managing playlists. They can be used to organize playlists and other folders, much like folders can be used in an operating system to organize files and other folders.

Check out the support article on apple.com (note, though the title seems to imply that it is only for Mac, folders are also supported on the Windows version of iTunes).



by Scott J on Oct 30 | 8:08 am

I thought he was just being a wiseguy and making fun of my oct 19 post. ;-)

by Steven on Oct 30 | 10:29 am

I sincerely dunno what a folder is. I am on a PC. Is this a Mac only feature?

by Mark Johnson on Oct 30 | 5:11 pm

Do folders go over to the ipod? I am using Windows?

by Mark Johnson on Nov 05 | 8:16 am

Hi Mark,

Nope - folders have been available in both the Windows and Mac versions of iTunes for the last couple of releases. Check out the link I posted above for more information on folders.

Unfortunately, they don't go over to the iPod.


by Scott J on Nov 06 | 8:43 am

Many thanks. What about playlists in which the playlist's rules are based on the folder?Do those function on the ipod?

by Mark Johnson on Nov 06 | 5:45 pm

Unfortunately, playlists rules which are based on folders do function, but not as they do in iTunes. I'm not 100% sure, but it seems that they function as as if the rule based upon the folder was not specified.

by Scott J on Nov 07 | 7:22 am

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