Apple Releases iTunes 7 (updated 2x)

Today, Apple released iTunes 7, nearly 11 months after version 6. New features include:

- re-organized interface
- 2 additional views: cover flow and album view
- iPod organization without using preferences
- movies
- skip count tells you how often you have skipped a song
- backup utility
- automatically download album art for CDs you import
- iPod games
- iPod summary
- gapless playback
- iPod "reverse sync" between multiple authorized computers
- videos played in iTunes have onscreen playback controls
- many new playlist attributes dealing with video
- inclusion of new skipped atrributes

Smart Playlist new attributes:

- Album artist
- Last Skipped attribute
- Season
- Show
- Skip Count attribute
- Video Kind

by dfbills on Sep 12 | 1:39 pm


Skip Count is here.

by chuck on Sep 12 | 5:58 pm

skip count will open a wealth of new opportunities

by dfbills on Sep 13 | 12:35 am

Ey up. i would not update to firmware 1.2 yet if i were you. i've had 1 major problem. i use a lot of smart playlists and with version 1.2 it's a bit funny about how the playlists update to the ipod. if a playlist is empty (like my "delete these" playlist - songs with only 1 star) it won't even show up on the ipod after i've "synced". major pain in the arse. only advantage in 1.2 as far as i can see is for that nike thingy and you also need it to play the new games that come with itunes7. so if you DO update be prepared for a lot of messing about trying to downgrade back to version 1.1.1

by Nadav on Sep 16 | 1:12 pm

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