Powerful Possibilities From Heavy Commenting

Smart Playlists
Use the comment section... A LOT. Neat playlists can result.

A) For tracks that you have both an original artist rendition and a cover of mark them accordingly. So for our 2 versions of "Blackbird" we'd comment as...

Cover seealso Beatles / Original seealso Sarah McLachlan

Now you can make a few smartplaylists with this for fun listening.

1) Covers: pulls all songs where comment contains cover
2) Originals: pulls all songs where comment contains original
3) Covers/Originals Mix: playlist is covers or playlist is originals

B) Because we added cross referenced artist info for the playlists above we can now make more inclusive artist playlists by making a single SPL with 2 easy rules.

Artist contains Beatles


Comment contains Beatles

This gives you a wider net to listen to songs "in the key of ArtistX". You can even comment band members solo tracks or DJ remixes to "catch" even more.

C) Are you a podcaster? If so comment all your approved to play tracks as podsafe and make a playlist like...

Comment contains podsafe

D) Ever want to be the promote of the world's greatest live music festival?

Comment contains concert (this removes any playlist confusion about the band named Live)

E) Six Degrees

This may be a hard playlist construction to explain but I will try my best.

1) Start with either a duet, remix, cover song or a band with most members having solo careers of their own. Now create a smart playlist encompassing the artists involved by doing the following for each artist.

Artist contains ArtistName
Comment contains ArtistName

If you have used the comment field as suggested in the above lists you'll immediately pull in new artists.

2) Now edit your smartplaylist to add those new artists in the same way you did in step 1 above.

3. Later, Rinse, Repeat

Feel free to add your unique comment powered ideas to the comments below. :)

by Seuss on Sep 18 | 8:00 am


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