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As so many of my playlists depend on ratings It's important that I rate them, so I created a playlist of songs that have 0 stars;

My rating is _ 

by dfbills on Sep 03 | 9:10 am


"Unrated" is an obvious list. You'll want to supplement that with "Unheard" (playcount=0), especially after importing your entire CD collection; and "Unlisted", to have a look-see at songs not yet added to other playlists.

by EllisG on Sep 18 | 4:28 pm

I have a rather large library, thats growing quickly. So to sort through unrated and / or unwanted songs i set my lists up like this.
I have a few regular playlists like, workout, easy listnening, metal etc that i manage manually. And i use smartlists like 60's 70's 80'2 etc to cover broader ranges. And of course my 5star 4star etc smartlists, my 1star list is songs that are banned from my radio playlist. I also have another smartlist of never played, never skipped, unrated songs.
The next list i have is the list that actually sorts the music, this is a smartlist that contains all unrated songs that have been played or skipped at least once. I have an upper skip limit of 4, so after its skipped 4 times its gone. All my smarlists are limited by either hours or least recently played / skipped.
These all feed into my radio smarlist. This is the list i actually listen too. So as songs play i rate them as i like, or skip them. If i skip them enough or rate them 1 star they are gone from the list.
This takes awhile if you have a large unrated library, but once its going its easy to intergrate new songs, albums or whole music collections into your library. And the hour or recently played filters on the smartlists will keep your music rotating all the time, ensuring you keep all the music you want to hear in rotation, and those you dont out.

by kolektor on Oct 11 | 3:49 am

What do you mean by "unlisted"?

by Mark Johnson on Oct 12 | 6:32 pm

Im fairly sure they are refering to a smartlist, which contains all songs that are not in any other playlists.

by kolektor on Oct 13 | 9:07 pm

I'm confused. How does one get "0" stars. It only lets me go to "1".

by beth on Nov 16 | 3:04 pm

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