Why stop at 5 stars?

Smart Playlists
I use the rating system as follows:

0 - I have not yet rated this song
1 - I don't like this at all, e.g. interlude or noise or badly ripped
2 - I would skip this song if it came on randomly (i.e. there's something I dislike about it)
3 - An average song that I don't dislike or I've not heard enough to rate more suitably
4 - I like this song, but it's not quite good enough to be 5 stars yet.
5 - I really like this song and I would be pleased to hear it if it came on randomly. Some new songs may get into this category to begin with, but don't worry!
6 - This is one of my absolute favourite best-of-the-best songs

I have smart playlists My Rating = 0-5 called Unrated, *, **, ***, ****, *****.

So, how do you rate more than 5 stars whilst listening on your ipod?

(This is the key thing, as you can only edit the rating via your ipod.)

Easy, you create a smart playlist of all your 5* rated songs and name it "5 Stars V1". Make sure this can't be live updated! Think of it as a snapshot.

As you listen to that playlist on your ipod, you can reduce the rating of songs - perhaps to 1 - to signify that it is even better than a 5. You could also reduce some to 4 to say that they shouldn't be 5 anymore.

Now create a smart playlist called 6 Stars where playlist contains "5 Stars V" and My Rating is 1. Also update your * playlist so that it doesn't contain any that are in 6 Stars.

As you get new music, it will not be part of a 5 Stars V playlist and that signifies its rating can only be between 0-5. When you want to upgrade some more to 6 stars, you can make a new smart playlist of 5* songs again (to include new ones and give others a chance to become 6 stars).

Over time, you can track which songs are on all your "5 Stars V" playlists and those could be all-time favourites.

Please let me know what you think. I've not tried this out yet, but it feels like it could be good.

by Gondorian on Aug 23 | 8:00 am


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