How Smartplaylists Update?

Hello Everyone!

I was just wondering how smart playlists update on the iPod?

I have kind of noticed that EVERY song on the playlist has to be played (and the iPod has to end and stop) before the list is updated.

Is this pretty much the way it works on the Pod?

iTunes seems to be different - the smart playlist looks like it updates dynamically as the songs are played.

Thanks for listening!


by gooober on Jul 24 | 8:00 am


You don't have to play them all the way throught - just navigate out of the playlist in your iPod, and click back into it.

by David Topping on Jul 24 | 1:44 pm

I can't get my iPod to do this with music selections but it works fine for audio books (whether downloaded from Audible.com or ripped from CDs). I can't figure out why one works and the other does not.

by Charles on Oct 15 | 5:48 pm

Audio books are different than songs. The iPod usually remembers where it left off on only the last song that was currently playing.

Once you play another song, the iPod only keeps track of where it is in the 'currently playing song' and is gone once you switch to another song or playlist.

It would be a cool feature though if it did remember exactly where it left off on a playlist.

by gooober on Oct 15 | 6:14 pm

That explains it. I wondered if the file type made any difference but couldn't see why it would. Of course, I don't work at Apple.

by Charles on Oct 16 | 12:21 pm

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