Folders are playlists too

Smart Playlists
In case anyone doesn't already realize this, folders count as playlists too. I apologize if this is old hat for the readers here... I'm new, but I haven't seen this mentioned.

Here's how I leverage folders:

I have a smart playlist for each genre that includes all songs in that genre. That's a lot of playlists.

To organize and simplify, I group genres together that I often like to listen to together. Classical and Baroque smart playlists go in a folder named Classical, Medieval and Renaissance playlists go in a folder named Early, Jazz, Blues and R&B are in a folder, Rock, Country, and Pop are in a folder....and I have a World folder that includes smart playlists for African, Celtic, Salsa, Brazilian, etc. And I also have a folder for my spoken word playlists - Audiobooks, Podcasts etc.

Now this in itself is really nice, because I can either select one of the smart playlists to hear just that genre, or I can select the folder and mix those genres together.

Moving along to another level of smartness, if I really want to mix everything up, it's now very easy for me to create a smart list called All Season Music, that requires songs to reside in one of my musical folders, but not in my spoken word folder or my holiday genres folder. Because of the folders, I have to specify many less criteria than if I simply referred to genres, or to individual lower-level playlists.

You can even have folders within folders, and folders at each level still count as playlists!

I love hierarchical organization :-)

by Jessi on Aug 23 | 8:00 am



I, too, love the fact that folder can be treated as playlists, but I'm a bit worried about using them as they don't seem to be supported on an iPod. Smart playlists that depend on folders as playlists show up with an exclamation mark next to them when you look at them on an iPod via iTunes.

This probably isn't an issue with the way you set yours up because you can't change the genre of a song on the iPod itself, but I wonder what would happen if one of the smart playlists in a folder was based upon something like "last played" or "play count". I guess I will just have to try it out to find out, unless someone out there has already figured it out.


by Scott J on Aug 24 | 3:30 pm

I am also a little dissappointed about the lack of folder support on the iPod.

Because you can't browse by Year, I have smart playlists for each year, and I have folders by decade, but the folders don't appear on the iPod so I had to create more smart playlists.

by Mike C on Sep 03 | 4:53 pm

Ah, I never even thought about iPods. I use my computer to play my music. I guess if your iPod is your primary listening device, you'd want to have as many tools as possible to control the play.

However, you can replicate the functionality of a folder that contains playlists A, B and C with a smart playlist that says the songs must be in any of playlists A, B and C. Nothing magical about a folder, that's really all it does.

by Jessi on Sep 03 | 10:14 pm

It is very true that there isn't any special about a folder, at least a playback time. But it does certainly make it easier to see how things are organized, rather than having to go into each SPL to check on its conditions. Using folders just makes it easier to manage the playlists.

by Scott J on Sep 06 | 2:12 pm

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