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So I got my new X-Box 360 and was so stoked to find out that will play songs from my iPod. So I hooked it up started playing PGR3 and an Easy E song came on. Of course the kids where not home so for that moment it was ok. But I thought to myself “I need a play list that my kids can listen to”. So I set out on a quest to build a clean play list that was limited to 100 of my favorite songs (Xbox will not play more then 100 songs in a play list).

I started by downloading Evil Lyrics from www.evillabs.sk/evillyrics/ If you are not familiar with Evil Lyrics, it downloads the lyrics of the current song you are listing to into a cache on your computer.

My next step was to download a script (http://ottodestruct.com/iTunes/EvilLyricsImport.txt) from Otto that would allow me to grab the cached lyrics and insert them into the lyrics tag of the MP3 file.
But then I ran into the issue of having to run the script everyday (I know lazy) so I added it as a windows scheduled task. You can find the Task Scheduler under My Computer. Just point it at the JS file and set a time and date to run. I did everyday at 5 pm.

So know I have the lyrics for all of my songs I went back to Otto and asked him if there is a way to find all of the bad words in the lyrics of a song and add explicit to the comments if it found a bad word and to add clean if it did not. Of course he wrote something and it worked great (http://ottodestruct.com/iTunes/explicit.txt). Otto is the man.

So my next step was to rate all of my music using the iTunes “Star” rating system with 5 as my favorites and 1 for my deletes.

Ok, so to recap what I have so far;

A. All of my music has the lyrics
B. All of my music has a rating of clean or explicit in the comments
C. All of my music is rated with the “Star” system with a 1- 5

So let’s get to the play list:

==My Rating - is - 5 star
==Play count - is greater then – 5 (this is up to you)
==Kind – is – MPEG (the Xbox will not play AAC without a plug in)
==Comment – does not contain – Explicit

Limit to 100 songs
Live Updating

You can tweak the rest from here. I’m sure you don’t want you favorite podcast playing when you are racing wheel to wheel. Or do you….;-)

Just a side bar, you can find me on Live at http://live.xbox.com/member/Chris Henley

by Chris Henley on Nov 18 | 8:08 am


you don't need to schedule the script ... in latest version of Evil lyrics just use "Add lyrics tags in Itunes" option

by Kaj H Bajlej on Nov 20 | 9:29 am

I could really use a playlist like this too. I work in retail and tend to play DJ when we're doing floorsets, and having a "clean" playlist would be a huge help.

I've installed Evil Lyrics and checked the option to copy lyrics to itunes tags. Now I just need to get the script to add the Explicit tag, but the link you gave to otto's site doesn't allow me to access that file. Any help?

by Cards on Dec 27 | 1:03 pm

Oh bummer.

Sure I can help. Email me at chenley74/at/yahoo.com and I will send you a copy of the script.

by Chris Henley on Dec 29 | 12:22 pm

I just noticed that the link to my game tag is not working. It's Chris Henley. not Chris.

by Chris Henley on Dec 29 | 12:25 pm

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