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Do you have a lot of music you've acquired that has comment tags that you don't use or don't want?

I have enough of an idea on the sorts of things for which I use my comments tag. Things like: record label, a 'cover' designation for song covers, genres, etc.

Assuming you have some clear logic (prefixing Genre designations in the comments tag with genre:<name>, for instance). you can build this nifty smart playlist:

Match ALL the following conditions:

Comment - IS NOT - <blank>
Comment - DOES NOT CONTAIN - genre
Comment - DOES NOT CONTAIN - cover
Comment - DOES NOT CONTAIN - label

Add to this any others that follow your comment logic. Mine is a rather long list of conditions. (In fact, I learned that the window will grow too big for your screen, requiring additional comments to be inserted at the top!)

Anyway, once this is complete, you can easily select this playlist. Then select all the tracks and get info on them to edit the tags. Then, with one mass edit action, blank out the comment tag by simply checking the tag and not entering any comments.

Result: 'clean' tags!

by momerath on Oct 15 | 11:09 am



by japester on Dec 04 | 9:36 pm

Great idea. I think you can also do this in iTunes by adding 'comments' to the view preferences. Then along side the song name, artist, album etc. you have the comments right there and you can edit/sort them quite easily. A much faster way for adding 'live' or genre designations.

Unwanted comments can be found easily this way, no?

by Greg on Dec 05 | 1:23 pm

Also see my article regarding asking Apple for a better keywords system.

by japester on Mar 17 | 9:07 am

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