99 song challenge?

I just bought an iPod interface for my car from Vais Technologies. It's pretty cool but the combination of gear I'm using has limitations.

In order to display text on my video screen, the car radio can only see the songs as playlists and playlists are limited to 99 songs. In order to have some sense of order, it has been suggested to make "26" playlists for the alphabet. An "A-B" playlist, etc. That sounds good on the surface but it's more complicated than that.

I'd like to use live update so that I'm not forever having to rearrange them as I add new music to the library.

I've tried a couple of things but it gets pretty funky.

The problem is that I have more Artists in a particular "letter" or "letter grouping" than is allowed by the 99 song limit. Not every artist beginning with "A" will fit in a 99 song playlist. It seems like I need multiple playlists per letter (ie. A1, A2, A3).

How do I create multiple playlists where the rules gather and distribute artists (beginning with the same letter) into playlists that don't duplicate cuts between playlists (mutually exclusive)?

A second problem is that with a 99 song limit, Artists get cut off in the middle of their "catalog" or worse, in the middle of an album.

I'm typing this hastily before leaving for work, so I hope it makes sense. I'll be happy to clarify but hope you'll have enough to turn your problem solving skills loose. I know I'll be thinking about it.

Thanks for your help

by Jay B. on Oct 20, 05 | 6:25 pm


The mutually exclusive playlist you should be able create like this:

Artist > starts with > A

And subsequent playlists:

* Artist > Starts with > A +
* Playlist > Is not > A1 (or whatever.) +
* Duplicate the 'playlist is not' criteria for however many playlists you've got with Artists starting with 'A'.

I'm still thinking about the album problem.

by fallsauce on Nov 21, 05 | 12:14 am

itunes itself has no brains when it comes to albums. it doesn't understand the idea of "group" - to itunes, "album" and "bit rate" are essentially the same information except for that "how to shuffle" option in the preferences. to get proper catalog/album breaks, you'll either need a plugin (i don't know which one, sorry!), a script, or your mouse.

this restriction is silly and impractical. have you told the manufacturer that?

by chromo on Nov 21, 05 | 12:52 pm

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