Apple: Smart Playlists stop updating

What do you know... Apple has posted a little TIL article entitled: "Smart Playlists stop updating dynamically on iPod." What a surprise...


by dfbills on Oct 07 | 10:30 pm


Just finished updating, and my 4th Gen iPod 40 Gigger is back in action - SWEET!

by yourfault1 on Jan 11 | 10:06 pm

I think the iPod also has trouble with the "podcast = true/false" condition. I had a nested playlist with, "my rating = 0" and "podcast = false" conditions, and the iPod wouldn't dynamically update that list as I rated songs. I removed the podcast condition and it worked fine. Anyone else experience this? Is it a new bug that came along with the most recent updater?

by JJames on Jan 12 | 3:49 am

Japester... I thought it was just me!!
I have a smart playlist (a la COuntdown -- as in the one on this site.. which is dynamite) but since updating, it refuses to update on its own. My other list works fine... but the countdown is how I listen to all kinds of stuff. This is annoying..

Should I go back to my previous ipod version? (11/2004)?

by illaia on Jan 18 | 10:59 am

try "last played before 4/1/1989" instead - that may work better. actually it doesn't matter what date you use as long as it's old. that date is special because it's the month and year of the granting of the MP3 patent - sort of unlikely that any digital music files were playing before that date - ^_^

by chromo on Jan 18 | 2:50 pm

Chromo, I wish I saw your post earlier.. I've already updated backwards to an older ipod version... I'm hoping I chose the right one.. it would really tick me off if I still can't update on my ipod... and I've wasted 4 hours.

by illaia on Jan 19 | 3:43 am

nothing is ever wasted - your experience will pass into the eternal technology consciousness and all creation will learn from it - ommmm

by chromo on Jan 19 | 10:39 am

very funny :)
When I had to restore to a previous version, I also had to restore all my songs back onto the pod...thus the 4 hours to transfer nearly 3000 songs...

by illaia on Jan 19 | 10:44 am
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