Apple Admits Fault in Smart Playlists on iPod

Apple has posted a Tech Info Article which says as many of you have pointed out "Smart Playlists stop updating dynamically on iPod."

Check it out:


by dfbills on Aug 22 | 9:53 pm


Sorry - - but I tried the link in your post, and it appears to bring me to the same article that Apple posted back on June 30, 2005. Am I missing something (or, perhaps, is the link not up-to-date / accurate?)

- - Scott

by Scott on Aug 24 | 2:28 pm

the nano finally seems like a good replacement for my cd/mp3 player, but the SPL bug is a problem. does this bug extend to "last played"? will i have a problem keeping the ipod (nano, or any ipod, really) from playing the same song twice in a day?

by chromo on Sep 13 | 1:10 pm

Hi Chromo,

If you create a "listening" SPL that is longer than 24 hours you will not play a song twice. You can sync the iPod with iTunes at any time to update the list, even before you've played all the songs.

by talking_animal on Sep 13 | 3:08 pm

ah, gotcha. so the ipod will keep its place in the playlist even if i switch to another playlist for a while, or will it start from the top again.

by chromo on Sep 13 | 3:46 pm

Uh, you got me there. It starts over from the top. I didn't realize the SPLs updated dynamically until I'd been using a 15-hour playlist for six months, and it didn't seem to repeat a lot.

by talking_animal on Sep 13 | 11:16 pm

thanks for the info! after thinking about it a little i went ahead and bought a nano.

(basically i'm leaving it stupid - put a bunch of albums on it, listen to them over and over again until they're familiar, then refill with other albums. the smart playlists that feed my party shuffle will do all the thinking, including keeping track of keeping the ipod songs out of rotation.)

by chromo on Sep 14 | 5:01 pm

does anyone know when the hell they're going to fix this? they've released new firmware (for the shuttle) and it was a 70 meg download and still no update for my 4G iPhoto

this is driving me nuts!

by ark on Sep 29 | 7:30 pm

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