Pseudo/Virtual Albums?

Lets say I have all Beatles albums (which I do) but I want to be able to play the released 'Beatles Love Songs' or other Official Compilation Albums, that I DON'T have BUT have all the tracks for on other albums.

Now I know I can do this from a Playlist and that won't duplicate them, BUT it would be nice to be able to Select it from Artist and/or Album View as well and (also) see the Album Artwork for the Compilation (pseudo/virtual Album).

I dont think this is possible but would be interested to hear of alternate views here.



by saintalan on Aug 21, 05 | 12:24 pm


The problem is that the Song/Artist/Album info is contained within the file itself. Otherwise, it would make sense to have aliases so that one file could be used to represent a song's presence on multiple compliations, soundtracks, etc. Unfortunately, because the unique identifier is inside the file instead of outside, aliases don't do you any good in this case.

by ChuckEye on Aug 28, 05 | 3:40 pm

Why not just duplicate the files, change the album names on the copies to the name of the compilation, and add in the new artwork? Hard-drive space is cheap!

Only problem is then the play count is spread between a couple of tracks, but if you need a table to tell you that "Penny Lane" is a good song, you have my sympathy.

by talking_animal on Aug 29, 05 | 7:09 am

Thanks, I realise that but was trying NOT to duplicate, of course if space is not a problem (cost or otherwise) then no big deal, but the'tekky' part of me would like to avoid it.

Cheers anyway


by saintalan on Aug 29, 05 | 7:16 am

add that to the list of ways that a real database engine would help immensely - dupe tracks, multiple artists, multiple genres, multiple names, etc

by chromo on Sep 06, 05 | 1:07 pm

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