1 track albums?


I searched the archives for this issue, but it looks like nobody has this problem:

I have a huge mp3 collection from a friend with a lot of single mp3's. I thought to put them in a compilation for every genre.

It's too much work to edit the track info for all the single tracks, so I thought to make a smartplaylist. But: I can't filter on number of track in album.

I saw someone did make a applescript tool which deals with this problem. But: I run iTunes on MS-XP.

I don't know if this forum only for Apple/Mac-users... but has anyone an idea for this one-track solution, besides edit them seperatly?


by Tinus on Aug 20, 05 | 4:42 pm


I would like to know if there is a solution also.

What I did was to sort by album or artist, then just look for single tracks and changed their album name to 'single'(to get rid of the mass of names in iPod)

If the songs don't have any track number, that would help a lot, (sort by track number and click all the non-numbered ones or make a smart playlist)

by fallsauce on Nov 15, 05 | 4:24 am

In iTunes, I use the browser to select one artist at a time. I scroll through them, stopping on any artist that has only one song, and add the tag "1sa" (one song artist) to the comments. Time consuming? Yes. Accurate? Yes. Then you can exclude or include them based on the comment.

(I use a seperate tag for One Hit Wonders, as just because an artist only had one hit doesn't mean that's all I've got, nor does having one song in my library mean they only had one hit.)

by mbft on Jan 26, 06 | 4:45 pm

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