'Nested' Playlists

Smart Playlists
With a bit of coding, you can create a generic playlist, and several subordinate lists at once.

Say the main list is music you like to go to sleep by. Add 'pm' to the Comments section, then create a SPL that looks for that commnet.

Now- lets say you wanna create playlists for classical, new age, soft rock, etc., all music to play at night.

Simply add a letter to the 'pm' code for each group-
- cpm for classical
- npm for new age, etc.

Create a new SPL for each category.

Now- your 'master' SPL will play ALL of these songs, but you can also break them down to fit different moods!

by Madkins007 on Aug 28 | 1:44 pm


Just be careful that 'rpm' isn't your code word for high-energy tracks to play during your workout, otherwise you might not get to sleep!

by talking_animal on Aug 29 | 7:15 am

I use the BPM field and put in a number between "1" (extremely mellow) and "5" (extremely hyper) to describe the music's 'energy level'. . . .

by Scott on Sep 21 | 3:33 pm

I started doing the same thing (putting numbers 1-5 in the BPM field) but was rating it on the basis of tempo, which is what BPM is supposed to be all about - and for me superfast was 5 and mega-slow was 1. But eventually I realised that 'tempo' is not the same as 'energy level', you can have a moderately fast song that's quite mellow or a slow-tempo song that's quite loud and invigorating. I think Scott's got the right idea using 'energy level'; sorting songs out by tempo is not all that useful really unless you were a dj and into re-mixing songs. I need to go back and do mine again.

by middlec on Sep 25 | 11:40 pm

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