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After tinkering for months with various iPod 'radio station' playlists, I've come up with an approach that - for me - works really well.

I have a number of SPLs, everything from 'Recently Added' to '80's' to 'Mellow Beatles' to 'Fast Rock Faves' - 25 to 30 in all. Each is limited to one hour in length, and has a 'not played in the last ___ days / weeks / months' for auto-refreshing.

When I want to build a radio station on my 'pod, I simply select as many relevant playlists as I like, and dump them in On-The-Go. For example, for the morning commute, I might go mellow, with 'Mellow Rock' + 'Mellow Acoustic' + 'Mellow Jazz' + 'Mellow Beatles'. For the evening commute, I might liven it up with 'Soul~Fast' + 'Dance' + '80's Faves'

Two advantages to this On-The-Go Radio approach:

1) My radio stations have some flexibility, and I can adjust them to my taste / preferences. Simply clear the On-The-Go playlist, and start over!

2) Gets around the problem of SPLs not updating on the iPod if they reference other SPLs. My radio stations - - based on sets of SPLs dumped into On-The-Go - - are always fresh, as the individual SPLs self-update. . .

by Scott on Aug 01 | 8:00 am


Nice find! I'll have to try this out, i forgot that you can add entire playlists to the On-The-Go.

Thanks for the tip!

by genEric on Aug 01 | 11:39 pm

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