January 2008

Smartplaylist gone?

December 2007

Removing Duplicates from Smart Playlists

October 2007

upload podcast from another computer without losing music on iPod?
Transfer play counts etc
Top top?
Smart playlists on iPhone
Play Count/Skip Count Ratio?
Mix Playlist not working?

September 2007

Stop iPod after song

August 2007

shuffle podcasts?

July 2007

Refresh Smart Playlist
Shuffle Playlist

April 2007

artist vs. artist?

March 2007

Multiple Genres?
Reset Play Count/Last Played?

February 2007

Import 2 CDs at once?

January 2007

Ratings & shuffling?

December 2006

Artist rating?
Podcast help?
Recenty added albums?
iTunes sends unwanted parent playlists to iPod Video
Unrated Songs Playlist/Rating Problem
Compare iPod/library content?
Christmas or other seasonal additions to a Shuffle playlist
Random artist?
Album Playlist
Resume Play in Order?
Weighted SPL's

November 2006

Last Played Time?
Smart playlist not changing?
Last Played?
Auto Moving Smart Playlists?
How can I play/transfer 40 gig music library to new laptop with only 30G?
Smart Playlist Albums?
Database cinema problem?
iPod playlist sort order?
Creating a Christmas Playlist?
Back-to-back artists in a playlist?
Rating Question

October 2006

Renaming Smart Lists?

September 2006

Playlist based on release date?
Songs NOT in a Playlist?
Avoid Duplicate Titles?
Gym List
Appending to the comment field?

August 2006

Trailing Underscore in Folders?

October 2005

Smart Playlists Changing to Regular Playlists?
Artist Most Played?
99 song challenge?

August 2005

Last X Number of Albums?
Identifying PodCasts?
Pseudo/Virtual Albums?
1 track albums?
One song By an Artist?
Smart Playlist Selects Directly from the iPod?

July 2005

iPod Setup Using Album Smart Playlists?
Limiting nested smart playlists?
Backing Up iTunes?
Setting Ratings for SPL?
Jazz Labels?

May 2005

Smart Playlists Updating on 3G iPod?

April 2005

Most played recently?
AllMusic Keywords?

March 2005

Live iPod Updating Revisited?
iPod Shuffle: 1/2 tunes permanent, 1/2 random?
Getting started with compound lists?
Least Played Sorted SPL in Order?
Will songs update in Smart Playlist in iPod?
Mac iTunes Comments Data Problem?
Match all or any?
Randomize a Manual Playlist on the iPod?
iPod Shuffle recently played list
Running out of space?

February 2005

Shuffle stops working?

January 2005

Live music playlist?
Differentiating between ripped tracks and downloaded tracks?
120 gigs of music?
best albums?
auto-eject after synch?
Merge multiple iTunes Music Libraries?
Rating when imported?

December 2004

Finding songs in the library not yet in a playlist?
deleting iPod?
Problems with 'Play Count' ?
How to auto delete played tracks from ipod?
smart playlist that avoids duplicates?

November 2004

Monthly Most Played?
Ratings as Dynamic Tool?
question about "top 25 most played"
Comprehensive Music Categorization in iTunes
Annoyance with "least often played" criteria
No more than x per album?

October 2004

Not Played Yesterday?
mulitple artists in browse?
Copyright Help?
help with playlist - artists starting letter
Find Missing Song Years?

September 2004

Preserving Last Played data across computers?
Can't select a rating?
Linking songs?
grouping field on ipod?

August 2004

smart playlist window too long?
iPod updating "last played" ?
One-Hit Wonders?
playlist with two artists?
Playlist Transfer Question?
View Options playlist counts?
Not so smart playlists?
Migrate from Windows to OSX?
Sync Playlists With More Than One Mac?
Need genre help
Multiple types of match criteria?
Unrated Playlist?
Compound artists and discreet time?

July 2004

Random First Song?
Empty Playlist?
Play count when sharing
Where to put Artist?
Comments contains this, but nothing else?
Smart Playlist by file location?
automatic playlist selection (by time)?
Burn Track Info?
On The Go Playlist?
basic question AND query, i think?
Incorrect order on iPod?
Genre Cleanup & Year Snag?
Accidentally deleted "default" Smart Playlists
Songs not in playlist?

June 2004

Random Play by Album?
Too many artists...!!
Less Songs on iPod vs. Library?
Replace script for genre tag?
Advanced Playlist Scripting Language?
SPL upside down?
Delete Last Played?

May 2004

4-some playlists?
Empty Playlists!?!?
Albums: partial or full?
"Two-fers" Smart Playlist?
So, how...?
Playlist By Album?
Try a smart playlist?
iPod Full?
'Real' dates- best way to find them?
Groupings Still Bugged?
Windows Scripts?
Year range with 2 or more Genres?
trouble using combined AND / OR
Lost Library?

April 2004

Not the same song again!
Recently played list not updating?
Smart playlist by grouping not working...
Manual update overruled at midnight?
Problems with iTunes communicating?
New PC
Dynamic smartplaylist
How do live updated smart playlists work on iPods?
not updating to iPod
Export Library?
Querying for two separate genres?
Not-so-smart playlists? (dynamic updating)
Refreshing playlists?
Last Months Most Played?
Total Play Count on Windows?

March 2004

Smart Playlist based on other Smart Playlists?
The End Before The Beginning?
Smart Playlist for Shared Music?
external hard drive back up?
Smart Playlist song limit?
Multiple Artists and more?
Album Volume?
missing list?
Burning a CD?
Playlist within a Playlist?
iPod ratings when syncing manually?
Art Changes?
Ratings transferred when in manual sync mode?
Live-updating: a little TOO live?

February 2004

Random list for iPod with songs *not* in any other playlist?
Song Order Muddled?
Adjusting when iPod/iTunes considers a song "played"?
Recently Added Playlist is Empty on iPod?
Adding songs to playlist?
Restore playlists?
and/or - new option?
recently rated?
Synching question
Sort by Release Date?
BPM Counter?
Most Played Album/Artist?
limiting artists?

January 2004

Weighted playlist?
Random play
source list?
iTrip stations in Playlist?
new to ipod
Tracks don't save rating. Help!

December 2003

iPod doesn't recognize Grouping?
My Rating as a "shuffle multiplier"?
Feature Requests for iTunes 5?
Viewing Volume Adjustments?
Limit Smart Playlists to an iPod sized Library?
Removal of Unused Genres?
Best way to add holiday music?

November 2003

iPod doesn't match iTunes smart playlist?
Randomize certain things?
burn a crossfade cd
"Empty" Smart Playlists on iPod?

October 2003

Questions Forum

September 2003

Multiple artists and Last Played?

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