Apple Releases iTunes 11
Apple Releases iTunes 10.5.1 with iTunes Match
New Mac App "Smarts" for Smart Playlists
Apple Releases iTunes 9.1
Apple Releases iTunes 9.0.3
Apple Releases iTunes 9.0
Apple Announces iTunes 8.1
Apple Releases iTunes 8.0.2
Apple releases Tunes 8.0.1
And we have iTunes 8
iTunes 8 coming soon?
Apple releases iTunes 7.7
Apple posts iTunes 7.6.2
Apple acknowledges Smart Playlist "Video Kind" bug
iTunes 7.6 Released
Another iTunes 7.5 smart playlist bug!
iTunes 7.5 now available
iTunes 7.4 Released
iTunes 7.3 Released
Apple releases iTunes 7.2
Apple launches iTunes 7.1
Apple Releases iTunes 7 (updated 2x)
iTunes 6.0.5 is Out
Export Smart Playlist Criteria
Export Smart Playlist Criteria!
Apple Releases iTunes 6.0.3
Bug: Tunes 6.0.2 & Rating Stars in Smart Playlists
Solution to Smart Playlists not dynamically on iPod!
Apple: Smart Playlists stop updating
Apple Releases iTunes 5.0!
Apple Admits Fault in Smart Playlists on iPod
Happy Birthday MP3!
New Postings Coming Today!
iTunes 4.9 with Podcast Support Released
Apple Releases iTunes 4.8
Yes, site updates again!
That darn question queue!
iPod Shuffle Offers New Loading Option!
MacWorld Product Announcements!
Happy New Year!
SmartPlaylists.com Featured in O'Reilly Book
Apple releases Tunes 4.7!
Happy Birthday iPod!
Welcome New York Times Readers
Apple releases Tunes 4.5!
Site News: Questions Unlocked & Upgraded
Ask Apple for a Better Keywords System
Apple quietly releases iTunes 4.2
Apple Feedback: Help improve iTunes & the iPod
Website for hosting playlists - Musicmobs
Site News: Added Questions and Archive
News: Archive Added, New Sidebar Features
New iTunes Music Store Welcomes Windows Users
Apple to launch iTunes for Windows
The Modern Mix Tape
Announcing: SmartPlaylists.com


AutoRate iTunes Tracks
App: iTunes Album Playlist Creator
App: Random Playlist Creator

iPod Tips

Separate Singles
Lots of unrated songs?
Apple iPod FAQ's
Smart Playlists Not Working After iPod Update
New iPod Compilations Feature on iPod
Moving Songs from Computer to iPod- Permanently
Microsoft PlaysForSure- definitely not.
Lost Ratings
fake iPod shuffle playlist
No AIFF or Apple Lossless Playback for iPod Shuffle
Don't like Shuffle
Family Harmony Radio Station
Simple iPod Rating System
About iPod Battery
Refreshing a Random Playlist Directly on the iPod
iPod Game- Guess the Body Part
Rate Songs On iPod
Expand a 5 gig iPod
Smart Playlists in your iPod
iPod Auto-Sync Problem

iTunes Tips

Change of Smart Playlists behavior in iTunes 8
Use iTunes search pane to search ratings
Fixing up your tags
Movies to rent from iTunes
How to find songs you missed
iTunes 7.4 - Album Rating
Pseudo / Virtual Album using BPM field
Artists featuring people
View all iTunes content in one list
Duplicate existing criteria in iTunes' Smart Playlists
Dig up buried treasure on iTunes
Use iPod to sync up your purchased music
Use folders
Use iTunes "Browse Mode" for large changes
Create MTV Double cheese
Change Smart Playlist to regular playlist
Manage Multiple Libraries in iTunes 7
iTunes 6.0.2 Allows Per-Podcast Retention
Understanding iTunes Symbols
EQ By Song
Complete Delete
Let a song play to the end - then stop.
iTunes Preferences Shortcuts
How to Make a High-Quality Audio CD in iTunes
Managing a huge library
Managing comments
kick out songs after they play
1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th Tier Playlists
Keeping It All In Sync (Playcount, My Rating, etc)
iTunes Manages PDF's?
Classical Ratings
Acoustic (guitar) mix
Grouping your single tracks
Play Sequence Using Comments
The Purge (rating systems again)
A to Z
Songs "Selected By...?" - - How to Remember?
Classical Music Tip
Why Should I Slave Over CD Tags?
How to move music files without losing Play count
Thank you iTunes 4.5...
More than One Way to Skin a Cat
Finding Album Artwork
A New Tool in the Fight Against Faulty Tags
Getting to a playlist fast
Alternative to iTunes auto-selection
Using the Compilation Tag to Reduce the Number of Artists
Japester's Administrative Suite
Ripping DVDs
Compilation Checkbox
Live Hour
Soundtrack Genres
Keeping Your Music Folder Clean
Rearranging Multiple Artwork Sequence
Splitting Classical Discs
Multiple Artwork
Tagging: Keeping the No. of Albums Down
Tagging: Keeping it Simple with Artist Names
Eliminating Library Duplicates
iTunes 4: About the iPod Selection Playlist
Aesthetic Punctuation
Getting the Most out of Classical Music with iTunes and the iPod
Administrative Playlists
Rate music quickly
Star Ratings
Hidden Tracks
How do you match genre?
iTunes Hot Tips
Extracting Hidden CD Tracks
Rating Point of Reference
Adding up your plays
Another use for playlists
iTunes Support Pages
Re-Randomize Smart Playlists
Last Played and Play Counts
Connect your website directly to iTMS
View your Artwork on All 3 Macs
Easy Album Art
Save Your Song Info
Mess-free AAC Format Conversion
Great iTunes Utility
How to Use the iTunes 4.0 Music Store Shopping Cart
Add Ratings to Songs
Quickly Rate Songs
Delete Songs from Smart Playlists & Library
Recreate "Purchased Music" playlist
How to Edit Smart Playlists
How to Create a Smart Playlist
What is a Smart Playlist?


What breaks iPod Smart Playlists?
Truly Random Shuffle?
How to Backup SmartPlaylists?
How Smartplaylists Update?
Auto-update my iTunes library
Question Interrupted...?
How do I manually sync?
SPL Performance with Long Comments
Last Play date and Play Count not updating
Songs not in a playlist?
Top 25 Playlist


Website: TunesTracker

Smart Playlists

Extending Genius playlists
Make even smarter Genius playlists
iTunes LPs Smart Playlist
"Video Kind" broken in iTunes 7.5
iTunes Plus tracks have new property
Make Your Songs Earn Their Keep
Create Smart Playlists for iPods without music in iTunes
How to Create Different Play Ratios for 4 and 5 Star Songs
Going for the Perfect Playlist
All Inclusive Mix
"Alternating" Smart Playlist
Forgotten Favourites
Clean X-Box 360 Play List
Use Consistent Adjectives
Podcast = true/false Bug
Top 100 of...
Great album tracks
Powerful Possibilities From Heavy Commenting
Yet to review
An Hour of Ecstasy
Best of
iPod on Speed or Dope
The Money's Worth
Why stop at 5 stars?
Folders are playlists too
Frequently Updated Playlist
My Billboard Top 100
Top 10 By Genre
"Best of"
'Nested' Playlists
My Playlist System
Ultimate Playlist
Me Versus You
Album Playlist
The Wonderyears
On The Go Radio Stations
An extremely smart "radio-station-like" playlist
"THE" Playlist
Billboard Hits
Downsampling songs that have a length bigger than 8 MB
Floating Shuffle
Using a playlist as a filter
Questionable Doubt
On This Day: 1 Year Ago
Checked/Unchecked Songs
iBang's Ultimate Shuffle Mix
"You" Songs
Love How the Ladies Sing
My favs- four stage
Podcasts "Served Fresh Daily!"
Best Albums Playlist
Clean Lyric Playlists
Ratings-weighted playlist
Syncing in the Depths
A Shuffle full
Getting the Right Mix
The Question is...
Cross Referencing
Random Genre CD's
Top 10 of 2004!
My "Daily Mix"
Movie time
Lyric Sample
Top 20 lists
My kid's SPL
Podcasting suggestions
Easy scrolling
Genre Mix
I love women
Daily Specials for CD
reconsider too high or too low
Autumn Playlist. . .
101.5 KPOD
Remix Mix
"Reconsider" Playlist
Seldom Salad
Anyone for Cocktails?
The Excluded playlist
iPod Personal Radio Station
Create Radio Stations
Rate 'em all
Another Romance List
Refresh Smart Playlists Using AppleScript
Smart playlists that truly follow your mood
Best Friends Mix
When did my music become work?
Yet more listening to an entire library
Concert from your Speakers
Rating weighting
Unsung Heros
80's Music (Pop AND Rock)
My system
Least Played Favourites
One Hit Wonders
No iPod? Fill a CD-RW
Yet Another Unrated Playlist
Not Getting Enough Play
High School Radio
Getting Your Money's Worth
Recent 5 Favorites
Looking Back: School Days
not so smart playlist
High Fidelity
Create Smart Playlists according to "Group" in songs...
songs about robots
Better Ratings
Random for Work List
Great #2's
Creating a "weighted" playlist based on rating
Playlist Philosophy (Klevn's)
Get rid of duplicate entries
Caffeine and Cocoa
Classic Albums
New Releases
Classic Rock
Flavors of Mozart
Absolute Favorites
Bring the beat down
Song 2
A good way to rotate all your music
Limiting to 2 or 3 genres
Clean Holiday Music
Artist(s) of the day
Forgotten Gems
To Be Rated- again
To Be Deleted
Exclude 'bind' tracks in random playlists
Getting more specific results
Smarter Genre Playlists
Songs about her
Live Music
Regular Backups of Music
Last Import
Good tracks not played lately
New Rips
Saving battery life on your iPod
Halloween Party Playlist
dj sets
Quick hits
Lost Friends
What if?
Heavy Rotation Singles
Musical Timer
Pre-millennium / Stuff I Haven't Heard Lately
100 Least Played
Rid yourself of Low Quality Tracks
Clear unwanted comments
Use a Comment Tag to subdivide genres
Avoiding your Child's music
Never Played Songs
Using Genre or Comments to divide "his and hers" tracks
Only good heavy rock
Not Played Since 2002
iTrip workaround
Streaming Tracks Playlist
Multiple Bands
Top 25
Play Count Hierarchy
Unrated Edition!
80's Music
Good Songs I Don't Hear Enough
Almost Perfect
Work Playlist
Keeping It Clean
Random, Rated, and Even-handed
.:. randomizer
Files to back up
Composting for iPod
Added but not played
CDDB When Not Connected
Top 50 Plays
Recently Played
Just Added
Random 25
Top Rated
iTunes Top 20 Smart Playlist Strategy
Songs added in the last month- no rating
Old Favorites
Filter Smart Playlists by Kind
3 Stars +
1 Star +
Never Been Played
Newest 100 Cuts
Keep Track of Purchased Music
Newest Rated

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